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some words about words

They say a picture tells a thousand words. That's pretty accurate. See the pictures of the house right above this text? I could describe the house like this: A modern home with a style that accentuates the breathtaking view by featuring a vast array of windows, this home sits perched above the Puget Sound with views of the San Juan Islands, Olympic mountains, soaring seagulls, and more. It's an off-white color with a gray-ish trim. Lush greenery surrounds, and a wide, green lawn separates the home from the water's edge. Outside, there is generous deck space for entertaining and relaxing to the view and the sounds of the seagulls. Inside, the many large windows provide ample opportunity to enjoy the stunning views, even when northwest storms roll in and dampen the air. 

Not bad. I'm a professional writer, after all. But come on. I didn't need to say all that. The pictures told you everything before you even started reading. In fact, I would put money on the high probability that you aren't even reading this. And the truth is, neither would home buyers. They want visuals! Sure, they need basic details, like price and beds and bathrooms and the address, but they don't need lengthy verbal descriptions. A house is not a book. It's not a magazine article. It's a thing. A three-dimensional structure with colors and textures and spaces and appliances. Words are wasted. 

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photography 101

Having the right photos of your real estate listing is essential. Good photos are not optional, regardless of the market conditions. Sure, we all know that, in some markets, you could post a grainy picture of the gust bathroom as the main shot, and your listing would still get 20 offers on the first day. But the market is fickle, and there will always be times when great pictures can make the difference between getting showings, and getting stale.  And, perhaps more importantly, great pictures reflect as much on the quality of the broker as they do on the home, itself. Agents who consistently provide professional-quality photos for their listings are more likely to get future listings, regardless of market conditions. Sellers expect the most from their brokers, and they should.  They're paying a lot of money to get their home sold. 

Most of our team has worked in the real estate business for many years. We're not just skilled photographers. We are, specifically, experts in real estate marketing. That means we understand the best approach to shooting homes, to ensure that they look their best. Whether we're shooting a 10k square foot waterfront mansion, or cozy downtown studio, we'll make your listing look great. We'll capture every angle to make sure your listing is depicted accurately, and in its best light. 

All of our photographers have vast experience and use top-quality professional gear. Our drones shoot photos and video in brilliant 4k resolution, and our photos are all HDR quality. Our crew is courteous and professional, at all times, so you can rest assured that they represent your business with class and style. We deliver pictures within 24 hours of shoots, and guarantee your satisfaction.