Stage Your Listing VIRTUALLY... Yes, that's a THING!

Want to spice up those vacant listing shoots?

Now you can, with beautiful virtual staging.

One of the most effective techniques to quickly sell a home is to let the buyer imagine how their new home will look like once they are all moved in. This can be harder than it seems, especially when looking through an empty home. However, there is a way to make this vision a reality, and it’s called virtual staging.


Full Frame Creative offers Virtual Staging Services which is the process of staging a home virtually, wherein graphic editors design the interior of a property based on the aesthetics and personality of the home. This is done by creating highly realistic furniture, decor and accent pieces then integrating them into an image of a vacant interior.

Buyers are more attracted to listings online that feature well-furnished interiors rather than photos of an empty home. Images of rooms with accent pieces, relaxing sofas, and decor give off a feeling of life and warmth. This makes Buyer’s more apt to imagine themselves and their things in the home.

For just $50/shot, or 5 shots for $225, we'll augment our already-fantastic photos to give viewers a much clearer idea of your listing's potential! 

To learn more about Virtual Staging call us today at (800) 877-8012 or visit our Virtual Staging Page for more info!

Requires order of listing photography package. Our Standard Listing Package include 35 photos with premium upgrades (blue skies, green grass, and other enhancements) including aerials, where allowed. The base price is $275 and $5/shot above 35.