Get Your Home's Interior Photographer Ready!

Did you know that up to 95% of Home Buyers view real estate listings online before viewing the home in person?

Your listing photos are going to be syndicated out to hundred of thousands of real estate and broker websites, so making your listing stand out is imperative. To ensure that you promote your home or listing in the best light possible it’s important to plan ahead BEFORE the photographers arrive.

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Here is a list tips and ideas to help get your home’s interior photographer ready:

  1. De-clutter as much as possible. Put away toys, clothing, dishes, towels, shoes etc.

  2. Depersonalized to a certain degree. Photos of young children and any potentially offensive art (believe me, you would be surprised what we have seen) should be put away.

  3. Remove any holiday decorations that can quickly outdate your photos.

  4. Be sure to vacuum and dust before hand.

  5. Make all the beds and fluff up all the pillows.

  6. Clear all kitchen counter tops and put away toasters, can openers, etc.

  7. Clear all bathroom counter tops and put away all personal items.

  8. Remove all shampoos, conditioners, body-washes, etc. from the shower.

  9. Put out the guest towels and hide all the others.

  10. Remove all magnets and decorations from the refrigerator.